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Insect Food is a dry powder containing proven food supplements to attract and increase the number of predatory insects that occur in gardens and farms. Many beneficial species feed as adults on plant pollen and sugars and their numbers may dwindle when these natural foods are lacking. Insect Food contains 30% protein with the full range of amino acids and trace minerals. It supplies a diet that is nutritionally balanced and available to support beneficial insect populations when you need them.


Rincon-Vitova's Insect Food can be purchased plain or with essential oil of wintergreen mixed in. Wintergreen oil is a natural source of methyl salicylate that is emitted by plants to attract predators to locations where plants are being attacked by pests. In a recent article by Joel Grossman, he reported that " In their earliest hop yard and grape vineyard field tests, James and his coworkers found that wintergreen oil attracted significantly higher numbers of pest natural enemies like predatory green lacewings, minute pirate bugs (Orius spp.) spider mite-eating lady beetles (Stethorus spp.), and aphid-eating syrphid flies. By getting higher numbers of natural enemies into the fields earlier than might otherwise have been the case, pests like spider mites were kept under biological control all season long. Leafhopper numbers were also lower, leading James to suspect that parasitic wasp species attacking this pest were also boosted by wintergreen oil." Read more at .


Predators such as the green lacewing (Chrysoperla spp.), ladybird beetles (Hippodamia spp.) and Syrphid flies, for example, are attracted to Insect Food. They visit and stay in areas where it is used. They may lay more eggs (as much as ten-fold) with a single application. The result is more predators now and in the coming weeks to attack aphids, whitefly, caterpillars, mites and other pests. Insect Food is designed for use with Integrated Pest Management systems.



For Spraying Agricultural Crops: Insect Food is used at the rate of 4 to 10 lbs in 5 to 10 gallons of water per sprayed acre. Use clean air or ground spray equipment. The width of swath should be 40-50 feet and not more than one half of the gross acreage should be treated by skipping every other swath width.


For Spraying in Gardens: For smaller volumes use ½ to 1 lb to a gallon of water, or one ounce by weight (3.5 Tablespoons) per cup of water. Spray using a course spray with scattered droplets on the leaves of the plants you want to protect.


For Food Cards in Farms or Gardens: Add scant ½ cup water in 6 ounce of dry Insect Food or 1.3 Tbsp water in 2 ounce dry food. Stir to form a paste the consistency of creamy peanut butter. Put a thin smear on 3x5 cards or other reusable, hangable substrate with a spatula or your finger. For example, cut rectangles of plastic with 6 to 8 square inch surface area, drill hole on end, add Christmas tree hook. Allow to dry a few hours so the food is not sticky. Hang every 5 to 10 trees or 10 to 20 feet to attract predators.


Higher rates of Insect Food spray and more food cards are used to support larger numbers of predators. One to three applications may be needed before pest immigrations or build-up.


Sucrose, Organic Soy Flour, Nutritional Yeast, with optional natural wintergreen oil


Insect Food may attract ants. In presence of ants, spray cover crops or non-commercial plant material. Food cards should not be placed where there is risk from attracting ants.

Insect Food should not be used with or within one week of toxic pesticide applications. However, it may be combined with non-toxic foliar nutrients or microbial insecticides.

Do not use spray equipment that has been contaminated with pesticides. Such equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and neutralized.


Timing and method of application, weather and crop conditions, mixture with other chemicals not specifically recommended and other influencing factors in the use of this product are beyond Rincon-Vitova Insectaries’ control. The buyer assumes all risks of use, storage, or handling of this material not accordance with these instructions.


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