September/ 2009
Rincon-Vitova Insectaries promotes the use of natural enemies for pest control. Back in 1972 we developed the first mass production of fly parasites. Today hundreds of satisfied users follow our advice for biological fly control using fly parasites. 

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Founding Entomologist

Catalog of Beneficials
Catalog of Beneficials cover 100pxNew Edition
Our new 56-page catalog is ready to download at our website. It describes strategies proven over the past 28 years by customers of Rincon-Vitova, the first company to grow fly parasites for control of filth-breeding flies. Learn about the parasites and the latest traps and lures, including new balEnce™ products made from a natural fly pathogen. 
E-mail to request a free hard copy of our print catalog. 
Website Upgrade
Online Ordering on its Way
We are upgrading to make it easier to navigate the wealth of information on biological solutions for pest management.
Until our updated website is running, please use the pdf of the print catalog for the latest product availability and prices.
Founding Entomologist
Everett "Deke" Dietrick 1920-2008
Our inspiring leader and pioneer in biological fly control programs passed on in December.   More...


Jumbo Bag Holds 40,000 Flies

Jumbo Bag Fly TrapSuperior Disposable Trap 

We now carry the disposable Jumbo Bag Fly Trap. This very popular new trap outperforms all other disposable fly traps in side by side comparisons. It includes a super-charged lure that lasts 6 months and attracts a variety of flies, drawing them in from 20 feet away. It's not our first choice because it's disposable and not biodegradable, but it is useful for fast, short-term, high capacity trapping of flies in bad situations, such as during the heat wave we've been having, when frequent trap cleaning and bait mixing are impractical. Just add water to the bag to dissolve the attractant bait and hang. Read more on our website.

Dung Beetle Field Day
Dung beetle huntersInstructional Video Available
RVI's Ron Whitehurst was among  advocates of dung beetle conservation who gathered in Linn, Missouri, on June 18 to deepen their knowledge about the role of dung beetles for well being of pastured animals. Hands-on training was given by experts like Dr. Pat Richardson [shown above]. A set of 2 DVD's with 2 hours and 47 minutes about the field day is now available!

Learn how to manage these fascinating beetles to improve fly control, reduce disease and improve pasture. Watch our preview video of Dr. Pat talking about the "poop cycle."
RVI Launches Production of Nzi Biting Fly Trap
Nzi trapEffective, Baitless Biting Fly Trap
The Nzi Trap was developed in Africa to control tsetse flies. It attracts biting flies (horse flies, deer flies and stable flies) by mimicking the shape of a large animal.
Flies fly under the front blue panel expecting to take a blood meal from the trap's "underbelly." When they find no juicy snack, they instinctually fly towards the sunlight that is shining into the top of the trap and end up in mosquito netting that funnels them into a clear plastic bottle where they get trapped and die.

Rincon-Vitova is collaborating with a Canadian researcher to test variations on this trap design.  The present design is 6 ft wide and 4 ft tall and requires 3 poles. Using one trap per acre of pasture, it proved superior to other biting fly traps for trapping larger numbers and more types of biting flies. You can build your own traps and test your own modifications: learn how at More information can be found on our website.
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