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Fall 2012

Rincon-Vitova Supports Right to Know

We Took Our Stand Against GMOs in 1997

We learned from our founder Everett (Deke) Dietrick to question genetically engineered crops. Deke helped farmers transition from toxic pesticides to biological pest control. Now we are helping people avoid pesticides that are genetically engineered into food.


The deregulation of GMO Roundup Ready Alfalfa on January 20, 2011 was a turningpoint. Deke had worked for many years helping farmers manage alfalfa to supply beneficial insects to manage pests in neighboring cotton, corn and vegetables. Spraying Roundup on entire fields makes the crop weak and susceptible to disease and damages beneficial insect habitat. It's also hard on soil microbes, decreasing the vitality of the crop and the value of the alfalfa for fixing nitrogen. Read more 


When we met Pamm Larry, the grassroots organizer for the ballot initiative, we jumped into the campaign as described by Jan in Acres USA. We've been writing letters and some great articles, speaking at colleges, showing movies, and educating at fairs and festivals. We're in some videos. Ron was in debates in Santa Maria (video) (text) and at the Oxnard Rotary (text).   

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The California Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012, Ballot Proposition 37, is a simple bill to label genetically engineered food sold in grocery stores in California, just like they're labeled for consumers in over 60 countries around the world. The food is grown with toxic pesticides that cause cancer and birth defects. GMO food has not been safety tested on humans. Limited studies on animals suggest problems.


Big pesticide companies are spending one million dollars a day to confuse California voters about Prop 37. Monsanto and Dupont are the biggest donors with BASF, Bayer, Dow and Syngenta amounting to over $20 million. The other nearly $20 million is coming from Pepsico, Nestle, CocaCola and friends.


For the facts about Prop 37, we offer debunking. There are exemptions written in the law for common sense considerations that have been misrepresented by the opposition. It won't raise food costs, won't add red tape or bureaucracy or burden retailers, there are no incentives for lawsuits, and it is supported by thousands of California farmers, all leading businesses in the natural and sustainable food sector, and all leading labor groups.


To learn more about why labeling GMO food is important, watch the new documentary Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith for free until election day on In it, many health professionals talk about how their patients get better when they stop eating GMO food. Jeffrey Smith spoke here at Ventura College along with Dr. Robyn Bernhoft, M.D. of Ojai, diplomat with Academy of Environmental Medicine. They explained peer reviewed scientific studies showing health risks from eating GMOs, including a a new, first-time long-term animal study


With one week left, the polling is very close. We urge you to support Prop 37 at, so that California can be the first state to label GE food.  Help now through donations, phone banking and social networking to get out the vote for labeling GMO food.   


Jan Dietrick, MPH, President

Ron Whitehurst, PCA, Secretary

Co-Owners of Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc. 

and the D-Vac Company 

Supporters of The Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology 


Ron explains bugs (& GMOs) at our Grange's 1st place exhibit at Ventura County Fair, one of the educational events we did this year with coworkers and friends.

Ron explaining bugs and GMOs at prize winning exhibit at the Ventura County Fair.

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Rincon-Vitova has donated over $4000. Yes on 37   needs $1.6 million this week for TV ads to be sure we will make food safety history. If this is important to you, too, this is it, guys!
GET OUT THE VOTE has a page to RSVP to use the CallFire auto-dialer phone banking system. Shifts are 2-5 and 6-9. There is excellent training every day at 1:30 and 5:30 before the first shift you RSVP for. You can help call CA voters to vote YES on 37. The folks we're calling want reassurance that Voting Yes for their right to know is not going to add costs to food. They don't want to be fooled by opposition scare tactics .
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