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"Bug Samples", Captioned Display Photos and Viewers
Beneficial insect samples - 7 species from list of 12 - see selection list IS100 select individually Varies
Insect Samples – additional items from Group 1 ISADD each Varies
Insect Samples – additional items from Groups 2, 3, and 4 ISADD see selection list


Beneficial insect photos set of 10 captioned and laminated  

8 X 10" color photos, some show multiple life stages, request order list to select from

see photo list

PHO 5+ 10.00
10+ 8.75
20+ 7.75
World’s Best Bug Viewer (2X+2X) small plastic cup with magnifier lid, easy for small persons to use. BV1 each 7.25
10+ 5.50
20+ 4.25
50+ 3.50



Our Favorite Books
Applied Bio-nomics Biological Technical Manual the manual we use to answer questions AB1 30.00
Biological Pest Management in Interior Plantscapes classic protocols with color photos IB100 15.50
Good Bugs for Your Garden, by Allison Mia Starcher

describes beneficials attracted to different garden plants

informative, with delightful illustrations BOOK 11.00
Compost Tea Manual, Dr. Elaine Ingham, for large and small scale tea brewing recipes for brews with dif. bacteria to fungi ratios COMP N/A
Quality First in Vineyard & Orchard Production, Gregg Young
Application of Albrecht method of soil evaluation to vineyards QUALITY
Cockroach Biocontrol Workshop Video

the latest, best information on setting up a biocontrol program for cockroaches with appropriate IPM methods in your company or institution

8 hr video, on 4 of 2 hour VHS tapes

workshop held 3-1-01

ROACH 60.00
Cockroach Biocontrol Workshop Manual accompanying manual ROACHM 10.00
RVI biocontrol info on CD-ROM all our bulletins, more CD 5.00
Organic Farm Sign - Please do not spray weather resistant, black on yellow 12 x 18 inch heavy weight aluminum



Pesticide Free Zone, sign, English or Spanish aluminum, weather resistant, 8 inch diameter SIGNP 26.00



Rincon-Vitova offers consultation, custom rearing, and training for cooperative and on-farm insectary development projects.


Consulting and training, first hour insectary technology, habitat enhancement, foodweb development CS100 hour 170.00
Additional hours CS150 hour 48.00
Consulting CS200 acre 25.00
Insect identification   ID100 each 30.00
Custom packaging Sizes, carriers, retail, your package, your label HA-100


any call
D-Vac Insect Vacuum Rental See D-Vac Rental      
D-Vac Sample Evaluation