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Monitoring Tools, Traps and Barriers



Blue Sticky Cards

Yellow Sticky Cards

Magnifying lens

Sticky Cards for Monitoring

Sagebrush Traps screen cone design

Olson Stiky Stuff brushable pest glue

Insect Food – pollen substitute


Sticky Cards, Traps & Barriers

Sticky Cards for Monitoring


The functions of monitoring and trapping require the use of different spacing. For trapping, sticky cards are hung every seven feet or at the ends of rows on stakes or wires just above the plant level. Fungus gnats are trapped at one foot above soil or floor level.


Many guidelines for IPM suggest at least weekly monitoring, but monitoring programs should be established by qualified technicians or advisors. Through regular monitoring you will have more contact with the crop which makes it possible to correct pest and non-pest problems more quickly.


Helpful Hints: Maintain a plant-free zone of several feet around the greenhouse and use yellow sticky banner traps on the sides facing prevailing winds. This can be especially important if nearby crops are being harvested, which forces insect pests to leave the area. Though normally inconsequential, yellow traps have been known to occassionally trap beneficial insects. blue is better for monitoring thrips. Make notes of counts each week and keep records so trends can be observed.


Greenhouse monitoring techniques for five common insect pests are listed below:

Aphid (late winged) Hang just above plant canopy. 1 yellow card per 500-1,000 sq ft
Fungus Gnats Hang 1 foot above soil. 1 card per 5,000 sq ft
Leafminers Hang just above plant canopy. 1 yellow card per 500-1,000 sq ft
Thrips Hang just above plant canopy. 1 Blue card per 500-1,000 sq ft
Whitefly Hang just above plant canopy before planting. 1 yellow card per 500-1,000 sq ft


Blue or Yellow Sticky Cards

4 X 7 inch reverse fold, super sticky grid, 5 per pack

thrips, leafminer

also available in yellow (-Y)

ST5-B pack of 5 6.30
5+ packs 5.80
10+ packs 5.20
ST5-Y pack of 5 6.30
5+ packs 5.80
10+ packs 5.20
Yellow Sticky Cards

3 X 5 inch and 6 X 12 inch

aphid, whitefly 3 X 5

thrips, leafminer, gnat, fruitfly, leafhopper, froghopper

6 X 12

ST25-Y bag of 25 22.00
ST100- Y box of 100 53.00
5+ boxes 41.00
ST1000-Y case of 1,000 281.00
3+ cases 263.00
ST6X12-Y box of 50 84.00
case of 8 boxes 69.00
Hopper Finder Rollertrap, Yellow Sticky Banner, 12 in X 300 ft aphid, whitefly thrips, leafminer, gnat, fruitfly, leafhopper, froghopper STBN12Y banner 65.00
5+ banners 49.00
cs of 20 banners 46.00
Hopper Finder, Yellow Sticky Banner, 6 in X 1500 ft STBN6Y 1 banner 89.00
5+ banners 72.00
cs of 20 banners 68.00
Hopper Finder Jr, Yellow Sticky Banner, 6 in X 300 ft STBN6JRY 1 banner 50.00
5+ banner 34.00
Insect Finder Rollertrap, Blue Sticky Banner, 12 in X 300 ft aphid, whitefly thrips, leafminer, gnat, fruitfly, leafhopper, froghopper STBN12B 1 banner 75.00
5+ banner 59.00
20+ banners 53.00
Insect Finder, Blue Sticky Banner, 6 in X 1500 ft STBN6B 1 banner 97.00
5+ banner 87.00
20+ banners 77.00
Sticky Banner, yellow, 2 in X 530 ft   STBN2Y 1 banner 54.00
5+ banner 42.00
Sticky Banner Dispenser for 2 in X 530 ft banner   STDISP-BN2 dispenser 32.00
Insect-A-Peel Magnum Standing Trap, 6 in diameter aphids, flea beetles, fungus gnats, houseflies, leafhoppers, leafminers, moths, mosquitoes,stable flies, whitefly, thrips, STSMAG 1 trap 86.00
3+ traps 77.00
5+ traps 74.00
Insect-A-Peel Hanging Magnum Trap, 6 inch diameter STHMAG 1 trap 58.00
3+ traps 42.00
5+ traps 39.00
Insect-A-Peel Magnum Supply Reel, 50 ft roll, 6 inch diameter, replacement reel for magnum traps


ST6X50R 1 reel 50.00
5+ reels 34.00
5+ reels 32.00
Insect-A-Peel Hanging Mini Trap STHMINI 1 reel 58.00
3+ reels 42.00
5+ reels 39.00
Insect-A-Peel Mini Supply Reel, 25 ft roll, 3 inch diameter ST3X25R 1 reel 46.00
3+ reels 29.00
5+ reels 25.00

Sticky Barriers

Olson Stiky Stuff, brushable adhesive for traps   STKY 8 oz can 14.00

2+ cans

STKY32 32 oz tub 24.75
2+ tubs 22.00
STKYG gallon bucket 63.00
5+ buckets 61.00
Hi-Tack (formerly Stikem) Pest Glue special nonpoisonous pest glue, high tack formula, traps flying or crawling insects for making sticky bands or sticky cards, apply to 2 inch bands of plastic wrap or duct tape around tree trunks, sticky band stops all crawling insects STKM1 (1#)
STKM7 (7#)
STKM25 25 pound 142.00
5+ 25 pound 132.00
STKM56 56.7 gallon drum inquire
Tanglefoot pest glue for making sticky traps, covers 6.5 ft, stays sticky until covered with bugs or debris



Insect Food, dry powder containing food supplements to attract predatory insects

organic soy flour, nutritional yeast, sucrose.

(No genetically modified ingredients)

IF6OZ 6 ounce bag 5.25
IF1 1 pound 9.95
5+ pounds 8.25
Insect Food, with natural wintergreen oil, methyl salicylate, MeSA, lb with added methyl salicylate IF6OZW 6 ounce bag 5.75
IF1W 1 pound 11.95
5+ pounds 8.50
Magnifying lens (10X) get up close and personal with small creatures ML100 each 12.80
12/case 9.75
Bug Cards Identification Cards for Common Greenhouse Beneficials, Susan Hofer & David H. Headrick, 15 pp double-sided BUGCARDS each set 13.00
5+ sets 10.00
10+ sets 8.00



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