Final Flight Fly Trap

This sturdy, reusable trap is designed by Troy Biosciences to dramatically reduce fly populations in infested areas without the use of potentially harmful synthetic pesticides. The Final Flight® Fly Trap is used in conjunction with the Final Flight® Fly Lure in the Fermone product line and is suitable for use around homes, barns, stables, and just about anywhere a fly free environment is desired. Many of our customers rave about this trap and how well it works.


Attracts and Traps Flies Indoors or Outdoors
Includes Powerful Fly Sex Attractant Lure
Environmentally Safer

Final Flight ® Fly Lure

Extremely effective and easy to use, the Final Flight® Fly Lure is formulated to attract flies using state of the art pheromone technology. Flies, driven by their compulsive need to reach the lure, are drawn into and captured by the Final Flight® Fly Trap. A study of number of flies attracted to different fly traps found that Final Flight trap came in second to Farnam Terminator fly trap. At one third the price of Terminator, that makes Final Flight the best trap for the money.


Attracts and Traps Flies Indoors or Outdoors
Just Add Water
Environmentally Safer



1. Pour contents of one lure packet into the trap. Note - Final Flight lure has a powerful odor which aids in attracting flies into the trap. Bait the trap in an open area.

2. Fill teh trap to Fill Line (about 1/3 full) with water and agitate slightly to ensure complete wetting of the lure material.

3. For extra effectiveness, add 1-3 drops of standard liquid dish detergent.



1. The trap may be placed on the ground or suspended above the ground by the hook. The trap will perform best when located in a well lighted area 2-5 feet above the ground. Use multiple traps in areas with heavy fly populations.

2. If possible, locate trap away from entry doors and out of animal contact.

3. Avoid locating trap in windy or cold places.



Keep recommended water level in trap at all times and gently agitate trap periodically to drench trapped flies. Every 7 - 10 days, clean the inside and outside of the trap, and replace the Final Flight lure.


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