Olson Sticky Traps


Olson makes practical, economical sticky traps for catching flies and other pests in food handling facilities, animal rearing barns, resorts and homes.


STICKY FLY RIBBON (STRIB) 1/8 inch wide by 1000 ft. polypropylene banding coated with sticky insect trapping adhesive. Use in barns, milking parlors, stables, and sheds to trap house flies and biting flies. 24-hour fly control without toxic sprays. Eliminates time required to hang hundreds of old-fashioned fly ribbons. (SFR 1000)


FLY RIBBON on a ROLL 2 inch wide by 14 ft sticky yellow plastic wound on a roll. Pull out a short length and when it is full of insects you wind it up and pull out a fresh section. (FRAR-1400)


FLY RIBBON on a ROLL (STBN2) 2 inch wide by 530 ft sticky yellow plastic for mass trapping in greenhouses or outside. (PCR530)


STICKY ROLL DISPENSER (STDISP) dispenser for 2 inch wide by 530 feet sticky roll.


FACE FLY TRAP (STFF) Alsynite cylinder is covered with a disposable sticky white sleeve which attracts Face Flies. The trap is fastened to an electric fence post (stake not included) that is pushed into the ground at a 45 degree angle. Face Flies think it is a face to go to. Replacement sleeves available. (FFT-897)


BITING FLY TRAP (STBF) Alsynite cylinder is covered with a disposable sticky clear sleeve which attracts Face Flies. Replacement sleeves available. (BFT-197)


DOOM LIGHT (STDL) A black light trap for indoor use. Flying insects are attracted by the black light and get stuck on the replaceable sticky board. (TD-DL24)


STICKY CARDS (ST100-Y: ST1000-Y) Yellow cards 3X5 and 6X12 coated on two sides with a UV resistant sticky adhesive for monitoring insect populations and for control.


RED SPHERES Disposable red plastic spheres which can be nested together for storage and then folded into a ball for use to be covered with any sticky material to hold insects. (RC SPE 100)


FLY TRAP FOR WINDOWS Clean, easy way to capture and dispose of flying insects inside. They are attracted to windows and get caught on traps shaped so you do not see the trapped insects. (WFT-696)


PLUG-IN INSECT TRAP A blue light flying insect trap for indoor use only. Plugs into any 120 volt outlet. Insects are attracted inside and captured on a replaceable sticky trap. most effective at night when other lights are out. (PIIT-1000)


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