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Shipping Live Organisms Fresh is Best!

Our Simple Packaging

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Freight Charges







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Shipping Live Organisms-Fresh is Best!

The shortest transit time usually makes for the best results. More and more experience demonstrates the higher performance of organisms that have not been stored too cold or too long leading to a renewed commitment to optimum handling and speedy delivery.


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we assemble less perishable organisms from our own and other insectaries--several in Ventura County and others mostly in Canada and England. We have air conditioned holding cabinets and rooms to hold them during their short stay here at ideal holding temperatures while packaging and getting them shipped off to you.


In order to help assure optimum freshness, we generally do not grow, collect or receive more insects than we receive orders for the previous week or whatever lead time is required. We ship highly perishable organisms like predatory mites directly from the various producers who we select on the basis of quality. Some of these producers charge handling fees that we may either build into our price or charge separately. We prefer not to ship perishable items on Thursday to avoid accidental weekend layovers in the delivery truck.

Our Simple Packaging

As much as possible, our packaging is simple and mostly biodegradable. One exception is our plastic mesh bags for small orders of ladybugs and green lacewing adults that travel so much better with maximum air circulation. The other exception is unfortunately insulated packaging often necessary to keep organisms cool with low metabolic activity in the absence of adequate food supply. We prefer to ship by the fastest method using the most minimal packaging, including foil pouches rather than foam boxes. When foam boxes and cool packs are returned in good condition, we re-use them.

Report Late Delivery Right Away

We care about your order and want you to receive it as planned. Sign up for email confirmation of shipment to easily track your shipment. Report problems within a half day of expected arrival so we can track it.


Freight Charges

We usually charge actual freight determined when box is weighed, but can give a quote. We can charge your UPS or FedEx account. They have services guaranteeing delivery around 8 AM, 10 AM, 5 PM or 7 PM next day, 10AM, 5 PM, 7 PM second day, and up to 7 PM third day. Charges depend on location of the originating facility, size of box and weight of cool packs (also used as warm packs to freezing areas) and fuel surcharges by the carriers that have been going up every month. Find published rates on-line at,

Determining Shipping Carrier and Service

Which carrier's delivery personnel know your location best? Reliability is more important than small cost differences. Freight is an increasingly costly matter, but It is foolish to try to save freight charges, especially on large orders.

How perishable are the items ordered?

Do you need to receive before noon?

If you are located within a hundred or so miles of the facility from which your order is being shipped, UPS Ground may reach you the next day. In a larger radius, UPS Ground may reach you in 2 days. However, UPS Ground is not protected by the same attention and guarantee as overnight services. Because UPS does not deliver about one in about 50 shipments in a timely manner by Ground and does not back their guarantee, we cannot accept responsibility if a UPS Ground shipment does not arrive within one or two days.

DHL currently but not uniformly delivers a 2-day package the next day. This may be a good deal for some types of shipments.

Recommended Delivery Services for Different Products
Overnight Air 2 Day Air Service 3 Day or Ground
All adult insects Lacewing eggs, fly parasites Non-insect products
Podisus eggs, Encarsia, Trichogramma and fly pupae in hot weather

Ladybugs in moderate weather

Podisus eggs, Encarsia, Trichogramma and fly pupae in cool weather

Adult insects, eggs and Encarsia in Southern California: customer's choice, not guaranteed
Ladybugs in warm weather and in late spring before new summer bugs are collected

Adult mites and beetles depending on weather: customer's choice,

not guaranteed

Fly parasites, lacewing eggs to California, Arizona, Utah, Las Vegas area: customer's choice, not guaranteed




UPS Early AM or FedEx AM

8 AM next day deliveries are possible to many areas

UPS Next Day , FedEx Priority For predatory mites, beetles (Cryptolaemus and Rhyzobius), some adult wasps (Aphidius or Aphytis) that should not get warm or travel more than one night, in extreme weather and/or when 5 PM next day is too late to receive.

UPS Next Day Saver, FedEx Standard for overnight delivery up to 3 or 4:30 PM

For highly perishable items like those when afternoon delivery is OK, save several dollars. (Service not available in all areas.)

US Postal Service Express Mail

The Post Office is a safe place to hold a shipment and might deliver Sat no extra charge. Add $4.00 handling for US Mail.


UPS 2nd Day AM (by 10 am)

When delivery late the 2nd day is too late or organisms that can travel 2 nights need to be released by end of 2nd day. (Service not vailable in all areas.)

UPS or FedEx 2 Day

When you want organisms emerging from egg or pupa in transit or ready to emerge soon, 2-day transit is fine. This service is used for fly parasites, green lacewing eggs, Trichogramma, and normally Aphidoletes, Encarsia, Eretmocerus and some predatory mites, such as Cucumeris and Hypoaspis. Consider overnight in freezing weather or when it is hot and you do not want insects already emerged on arrival.


UPS GROUND by 7 pm

From our main facility, we can ship to much of California, Arizona, Nevada the next day or second day by UPS Ground. To other states, we only use “Ground” for non-perishable products that can travel 3 to 5 days. If your home is at your business location, even if the box is addressed to your business, UPS charges extra for residential address and for deliveries to rural zip codes there is also a rural surcharge.


There is no guarantee and no tracking system. Add $4.00 handling for US Mail.