Slug and Snail Control that is:

Food Grade Bait
Child & Pet Safe
OK for Organic

The Snailer and Slug Saloon are organic, child and pet safe, alternatives to the poisonous snail and slug eradication products sold on the market today. They are an effective means of control for most snails and slugs, as well as earwigs and sow bugs. The bait is food grade material that is non-toxic, chemical free, derived from malted grain, yeast, and sugar. The bait is child and pet safe and not in any way harmful to the environment. The bait and traps are acceptable for organic farming.

Slug Saloon

Mix nontoxic malted barley bait in the Saloon. Draw slugs into the Saloon where they drown in the brew. Use one trap (place on the ground or sink it down) every 10 sq. ft of infested garden area.

Visit the Saloon every 3-4 days to empty the tray. Comes with enough bait for one month. Bait refills last 3 months. Made of tough, weather resistant polyethylene.

Item Code Description Cost
SLGSLN Slug Saloon with 1 month supply of bait, measuring spoon, and easy to follow instructions. $5.95
SLGBTRF 3 Month Bait Refills with bait and measuring spoon (refill every 3 days) $4.45

Bulk Pack: 10 Slug Saloon traps with 3 pounds of bait (enough for a 6 month season).

SLGBAIT3LB Bulk Bait: 3 pounds or enough for a 6 month season $32.00


USE SLUG SALOON ANYWHERE THERE IS A SLUG PROBLEM The Slug Saloon should be used anywhere there is a slug problem — vegetable and flower gardens or lawns. Where snails or BOTH snails and slugs are a problem, choose The Snailer.


The Snailer

Attract destructive snails and slugs with a nontoxic, people- and animal-safe bait in this long-lasting trap.

Two one-way doors let them enter but not leave. Comes with a one-month supply of bait; two-month refills available. Use one/ per 10 sq. feet for heavy infestation; one per 400 sq. feet for maintenance.

Item Code Description Cost
SNLR Snailer with 1 month supply of bait and measuring spoon. $8.99
SNLBTRF 2 Month Bait Refill – 7 ounces of bait and measuring spoon (refill every 3 days). $5.80

Bulk Pack: 6 Snailers with 5 pound bait, 6 month supply




Dealers and distributors call for wholesale pricing. Product information

Snail and Slug Bait Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Organic use notes - Traps for pests are accepted in the US National Organic Program (NOP). The bait is food grade material that is free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) so the bait is acceptable. Both the traps and bait are not regulated by US EPA or CA EPA.

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The Snailer was developed as an organic, child and pet safe alternative to the poisonous snail and slug eradication products sold on the market today. It is an effective means of control for all snails and slugs, especially the larger varieties found in various parts of North America.

FIELD TESTED The Snailer has been field tested extensively in snail and slug infested areas of the United States and has been found an effective safe method of pest control.

The Snailer and Slug Saloon baits are non-toxic, chemical free formulas derived from malted grain, yeast, and sugar developed in conjunction with the Colorado State University Entomology Department. The baits are child and pet safe and not in any way harmful to the environment.

ATTRACTS SNAILS. SLUGS, EARWIGS, SOWBUGS The Snailer and Slug Saloon baits attract snails, slugs, earwigs, and sowbugs to the trap where they cannot escape and where slugs are drowned.

SPECIAL TRAP DESIGN The Snailer and Slug Saloon traps are designed to keep rain or sprinkler water out of the trap and reduce dilution of the bait. The lid is designed to keep out debris and to keep evaporation to a minimum. Traps are constructed of high quality durable material and if used as instructed will give you many years of quality service.


1. Remove the lid.
2. Place the trap in area of heaviest snail or slug infestation. Traps may be placed on top of the soil or pushed into the soil to the lip of the tray.
3. Measure three (3) spoons full of the safe, non-toxic bait with the free spoon provided (or three (3) teaspoons full) into the tray
4. Slowly fill tray with water, stirring to mix thoroughly.
5. Snap lid onto tray.
6. Check every 2 to 3 days. Empty contents and repeat above.

A single trap will not totally eliminate snails or slugs from a large vegetable or flower garden. If you are trapping ten to fifteen snails or slugs per day in one trap, we recommend adding one or two additional Snailers to be placed in alternate rows. Both snails and slugs propagate in the wet, shady areas of lawns and gardens. The Snailer or Slug Saloon should, for best results, be placed in these areas. This placement also will keep evaporation at a minimum.

More and more long-term tests are showing pesticides cause negative effects on the health of families and household pets. Organic gardening is the only way to insure your family and pets will not ingest harmful pesticides.

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