Organic Fly Control Around Animals


The fly has four life stages, egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Each stage is an opportunity to put pressure on the fly.


Egg and larva

Manure management - removing, windrowing, composting

Conserve fly predators like macrochelid mites and hister beetles.

Conserve dung beetles to bury manure so it doesnt grow flies.



Release fly parasites on a regular schedule

Let chickens forage among your other animals



Traping - scent traps and visual target traps

Space spraying with Balence, a fly eating fungus

Borate or spinosad based fly bait

Spray microbial products to reduce manure odor, decrease fly egg laying


The linked catalog of fly control has a tremendous amount of info to help you decide on a strategy, check for current prices. The other bulletins have updated and expanded information.

catalog in Spanish

fly control products
fly parasites
Biting fly traps
Sagebrush traps
sticky traps
dung beetles
release station
organic fly spray

Here are some suggestions:

Regular releases of fly parasites
Position fly parasite release stations around barn yard
Sagebrush trap, 50 gallon drum size (for high fly density)
Sagebrush trap, 5 gallon bucket size (for around barn, feeding areas)
Biting fly traps around the pasture

The biting fly traps will remove the adult biting flies. To minimize fly breeding in the cow pats in the pasture, there are several approaches. Drag the pasture to break up pats. Run chickens with the cattle - they pull apart the pats and eat the maggots. Introduce dung beetles to bury the pats (not commercially available). The biting flies, Tabanids, have calcified puparia, that cant be parasitized by fly parasites.

We are be happy to talk you through setting up a program to control flies without toxic materials.

We also have a bacterial inoculant, BioStart, that is strongly antagonistic of nematodes, which can be worm parasites spread in pastures. The BioStart is mixed with bacterial food and sprayed or irrigated into pastures, where it decreases parasitic nematodes and increases yield of the grass.


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